Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars

After destroying the Death Star, Luke Skywalker’s is an Alliance hero and continues to fight the Empire. He has room to grow with regards to his Jedi abilities — and Princess Leia Organa and Admiral Ackbar decide he’s perfect for the next major mission.

Author: Kevin Hearne


ISBN-13: 978-0345544858

Released: 3 March 2015

New Jedi Order: Dark Tide 2: Ruin

The Vong are attacking the Outer Rim worlds. Living outside of the force, their attacks are without mercy. Due to the fact that they change how they battle constantly, the Jedi are stumped as to how to counter them.

Author: Michael A. Stackpole

ISBN-10: 0345428560

ISBN-13: 978-0345428561

Released: 6 Jun 2000